The Frog Prince

Album: Under The Iron Sea (2006)


  • Tim Rice-Oxley says of this song in Q Magazine October 2007: "There's something about the bubbling cauldron feeling, the atmosphere of tension, that I was pleased to be able to put into a song."
  • Rice-Oxley has said, since writing this tune, that this song is about Johnny Borrell of Razorlight, who has gained a reputation for putting the boot into his fellow music artists. He explained to I Like Music: "It's a reaction to a certain singer who seemed to make it his mission to slag us off at every point, but really didn't seem to be being true to himself, or to have understood what we are. We don't want to get into some tabloid slanging match, but we just felt like he was acting a part, and really pretending to be someone he is not. We really feel that you don't have to be all glitzy and tabloid to make good music, and that there's a bond between musicians and artists that should be held up - why not talk about a band you love or a song that inspired you?"
  • Borrell and Rice-Oxley met for the first time two years after the song was written. Though the Razorlight singer was friendly at the time he later told Q magazine December 2008, "that if you write a song about somebody you've never met, it probably says more about you than the person you're singing a song about."

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  • Jeffrey King from BirminghamI would have hoped that Johnny Borrell , after a period of reflection, would actually be proud that he inspired such a wonderful piece of music.
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