Nothing On Me

Album: Crosseyed Heart (2015)


  • The song mentions "the cops" trying to get Richards to "squawk." He explained to Mojo: "It came from when I was writing the autobiography. I was thinking of my experiences in Chelsea in the '70s. Anything contemporary, they don't touch me no more! (Chuckles) I was their Number 1 target at the time – talk about police harassment! I got used to it."

    "When they started to plant stuff on me, it was notorious around Chelsea in those years. There was a lot of bribery and screwing going on. I mean, as English as I am, the idea of "the old bobby"- he doesn't exist, barely, But when they come around knocking at your door, kicking it in – you think, 'Ah, yes, the other side of the coin.'" (laughs)


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