Little Bit Of Everything

Album: Fuse (2013)
Charted: 33
  • Written by Nashville tunesmiths Brad and Brett Warrren and pop/rock/hiphop/dance hitmaker Kevin Rudolf, this cheerful, hopeful song was co-produced by Urban and Nathan Chapman. "'Little Bit Of Everything' conveys a sentiment that's always felt right to me," said Urban. "I connected with that from the first time I heard it. I 'felt it' and I loved it."

    "I gravitate towards the sound of a song and its instrumentation," he added regarding the pop-leaning, laid back tune. "On this song I was able to take the elements of sound that I've used before and blend them together into a fusion of spirit and energy."
    The song was released as the lead single from Urban's eighth studio album, through country radio and his official app on May 13, 2013. He debuted the song live on American Idol three days later.
  • Cash Money artist Kevin Rudolf's resume includes being a session guitarist for producer Timbaland, playing on Nelly Furtado's hit "Say It Right," and recording two albums, the first of which included the hit single " Let it Rock," and the second "I Made It." Rudolf has also produced producing and co-writen records for the likes of Cobra Starship, Leona Lewis, Lifehouse, Natasha Bedingfield, Selena Gomez, Weezer, Cher Lloyd, Flo Rida, Hollywood Undead, Lil Wayne, My Darkest Days, Nas, Rick Ross, Lil' Kim, and Timbaland. This was his first contribution to a Nashville artist's recording.
  • The music video was directed by Isaac Ravishankara (K.T. Tunstall's "Feel It All," Ellie Goulding's "Bittersweet"). Filming took place just outside of Nashville in June 2013 at Middle Tennessee State University's Floyd Stadium and at one of Tennessee's premiere landmark homes, Swanson Mansion. "I read the treatment," said Urban, "and there's elements in there that we're going to sort of simplify as we go. So, there's sort of a Truman Show element to it that I really liked. I thought that was a good way for the song to be represented in the video. That was certainly the part of the treatment that I loved the most was this sort of duality of the surreal world and the real world and which is which."


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