Album: Telescope (2017)
  • On this track from her third solo album, former astroPuppees singer Kelley Ryan likens her romance a cigarette, a wicked habit she keeps returning to no matter how hard she tries to quit. "So go ahead and lead me on, I'll love you til the smoke is gone," she sings.

    Ryan's longtime collaborator Marti Jones, who contributes backing vocals on the album, provided inspiration for the song. Ryan explained to Songfacts: "Marti sent me an image of one of her paintings and gave me the idea to write a song about the two figures knowing nothing of who they were or where they were. 'Cigarette' is the result. I imagined them as a couple that hooked up every weekend in a corner bar where they would negotiate the perils of their addictive relationship over a pint or three. After I wrote the song she told me that the painting was called 'The Green Room at the House of Blues' and that it was from backstage at a show Dixon was playing in Cleveland. When you see the painting it is mostly red… red, green or blue, that was the inspiration for 'Cigarette.'"

    The painting is featured in the YouTube video.


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