I Had a Dream

Album: Piece by Piece (2015)
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  • A very pregnant Kelly Clarkson wrote this anthem with her producer Greg Kurstin after lamenting with friends about her disappointment with today's society. The intention of the song is to inspire her generation to have a voice and engage in the world around them. She explained to Spin: "When I was writing this song - well first of all, I was very hormonal - I was sitting around and talking with some of my friends, and we were all talking about how I just expected more of our generation. I just expected us, first of all, to be past 'Gay, straight, black, and white.' Like, who cares? Are we still talking about this? We should just have equal rights across the board for every person no matter what you look like, no matter who you like. I don't understand why we're still struggling with these basic, asinine issues. It bothers me."

    "So I ended up writing this whole song about it and I had a dream that we were more, That's where the chorus came from. I thought as a kid, I just remember being that ten-year-old girl going, 'I can't wait to change the world.' You dream big when you're little. I guess I look at our generation and we're still talking about the same stuff. That's sad."
  • Clarkson warns girls to steer clear of "them Jezebel ways." As told in the Old Testament's book of Kings, Jezebel was a Phoenician princess who became the Queen of Israel when she married King Ahab. During her husband's reign, she instituted the worship of pagan gods and killed several Jewish prophets. The name Jezebel is often associated with wicked women because of the queen's treacherous ways.


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