Playing With the Boys

Album: Top Gun Soundtrack (1986)


  • This was the first song Kenny Loggins did for the film Top Gun before he was given "Danger Zone," his big hit song from the film. Loggins co-wrote it with Starship producer Peter Wolf. The song is heard during the volleyball scene with Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer. >>
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    Sara - Silver Spring, MD

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  • Fatboy from UkThe gay connotations come from Tarantino...that is it. And actually this can be interpreted as sexist...could the whole volleyball scene not be classed as eye candy for women. It’s Tarantinos own single minded view about this that is wrong
  • AnonymousI believe the meaning of this song is so far from amplifying any gay undertones of the Top Gun volleyball scene. In fact, it seems the song portrays a man keen on enjoying valuable time with his close buddies after gaining the courage to walk away from a toxic relationship (“said it was the right time to walk away”, “I don’t wanna be the moth drawn to your fire”, “I’m staying, you play too rough”). A great message for both guys and girls in the same situation
  • Sara from Silver Spring, MdWhen people hear this they think it has gay allusions because Top Gun has something of a gay following. But the song is basically about having fun whether you're a boy or girl.
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