Black Chick, White Guy

Album: Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp (1996)


  • This is the story of a white guy from a middle class background who loses his virginity to a black girl from a troubled background in the junior high bathroom. The white guy plays father to a son she has with another man, and also fathers two of her other children. He soon discovers that one of the children he thought was his, really wasn't, so he takes his son and leaves.

    Kid Rock says this story is 99% percent true. He is the white guy and the black chick is the mother of his son, Kid Rock Jr. (OK, Robert James Ritchie Jr.), born in 1993. Rock was 22 when the child was born.
  • The woman this song is about is Kelley Russell, who entered the public record when she sued Rock for defamation and invasion of privacy in 1999. She isn't mentioned in the song, but claims she was implicated when Rock told the story to Rolling Stone, and that his story was "inflammatory, untrue and hurtful." She also named the magazine in the lawsuit.

    It appears the lawsuit was dismissed; the couple also reached a custody agreement where, according to the Detroit Free Press, Russell, an auto worker for Ford, paid Rock $25 per month.
  • This first appeared on Kid Rock's 1996 album Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp, which he financed and released himself. He re-recorded it and included it on his next album, Devil Without a Cause, his first with Lava Records. That album broke him through to the big time, selling over 11 million copies in America.

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  • AnonymousCongratulations on your marriage.
  • Dave from Greer, ScNever understood what the big deal is about interracial relationships.
  • Richard from Long Island, NyColor does exist. I saw Kid Rock in concert last week, and am seeing him again in 3 weeks. Kid Rock is the man.
  • Jacob from Woodward, OkKid Rock is not racist, I constantly use the N word, and am not afraid to say that tonight I had a really good time with a fine black woman, Kid Rocks style has changed through his career, but he has always been kid rock, just as a young mechanic such as myself doesn't have the experience of a seasoned mechanic, his style was raw, but that doesn't make it bad, and my 18 yo gf has 2 kids by 2 different men, the first one from me, although not interracial, i kinda know what kid is talkin about.
  • Jasen from Milford, MiRace does not exist? How can you honestly sit there and say that?
  • Kurdt from Chicago, IlDecent track.

    It's unfortunate when a myth dictates are behavior, attitudes and expression. Race does not exist, but o well.
  • Ally from Philly, PaI can see why Chris from New Zealand called Kid Rock a racist...'cause in the song he used the 'N word'...which to me is the ugliest word in the he a racist, I don't know. Probably not but, in his defense he was very young and you can tell that his style got extremely better as time progress.
    You can tell that this was a style like Too Short, D NIce, and Ice Cube...which should not be duplicated cause they are unique. Kid Rock Later developed his own style...if he wrote this song over again today I think it would sound different.
  • Kenneth from Cleveland, OhI never really thought Kid Rock was racist ,but the fact he dated a Black girl is not proof that he isn't, seriously.
  • Kiki from Big Spring, Txthis song is the best song ever
  • Renae from Mill Grove, PaKid Rock rhymes like B-rad from Malibu's most wanted.
  • Adz from Newcastle, AustraliaHello Kid Rock fans from all round the world, this is my 1st posting on2 this site & 1st & foremost i would like 2 take this opportunity 2 say "congratulations" 2 chris from New Zealand 4 his brilliant summation of Kid Rocks relationship with Kelley Russell. However chris, your incredibly perceptive mind has seemed 2 ignore 1 simple fact... Kid Rock is NOT a racist! I could over simplify my explanation, as u chose 2 do with your posting, by asking u why he would date an African-American girl in the 1st place if he was racist, but instead i might actually include some FACTS: Fact Number 1; i'm not sure how much u know about Kid Rock, (from your posting i get the impression "not much" would b a suitable answer 2 that query) but on his album "Cocky" there was a bonus track called "W.C.S.R" which features Snoop Dogg. News flash chris, SNOOP IS BLACK!!! Now helping 2 sell your product via the use of a guest star is 1 thing, but if Kid was racist would he really want 2 collaborate with some1 who so proudly sings about being black?! i think not. i recommend that after a much needed trip 2 an optometrists 2 c if u can b cured of your 'color' blindness u may wish 2 have a peek at the inside of any Kid Rock cd booklet & 4 the 1st time u'll b alerted 2 Fact 2: that the drummer in Kids Twisted Brown Trucker band is... drum roll please (no pun intended!).... AN AFRICAN AMERICAN!!! Stefanie Eulinberg has been Kid Rock's drummer from 1998 onwards & if Kid was racist he would not b able 2 tolerate being in the same band & touring with her & vice versa. if he was racist she could quit & work elsewhere, as slavery was abolished after the civil war... THE END, well, the end 4 chris anyway! now as 4 billy from Boston Area, r u perhaps related 2 Pamela Anderson by sticking up 4 her in your posting?! that's the only way i could understand u sticking up 4 her. if u were 2 look up the term "white trash" or the word "groupie" in the dictionary u would c a picture of ur beloved pam. B4 she was with Kid & Tommy Lee she also threw her legs open 4 Vince Neil from Motley Crue, Bret Micheals from Poison, & Kelly Slater, just 2 name a few. Kid was 2 good 4 her billy! she was probably with him only 2 further her "career", the same reason shes sort out other rock stars, as there r 3 facts in life; the sky is blue, the grass is green, & pamela anderson would appear at the opening of an envelope. Kid is a cool guy who deserves better than some skanky hoe like Pamela Anderson, who, after she dies, will have 2 b buried in a y-shaped coffin.
  • Dunno from Central Ca, FlEx-girlfriend Kelley Russell is the subject of his biographical song, "Black Chick, White Guy" quoted in Rock's excact words.
  • Taisha from Port Washington, Ny"I still use a rebel flag. And it's kind of funny for someone to ask about, because I've never got any static for it. I can't believe nobody ever game me (grief)," he says.

    "The reason I do stuff like that is obviously because I'm not a racist," he says.

    By "obviously," he's implying that his music couldn't exist without black influences. His bands have been racially mixed. And he has a son with a former girlfriend who is black.
  • Kurt from Downers Grove, IlHow could he be racist if he used to date a black chick? That doesn't make any sense. Plus, she didn't dump him, so get your facts straight. I love this song, I wish more songs were this personal.
  • Chris from Wellington, New ZealandKid rock used to date a black chick he was racist she dumped him... THE END
  • King from Evansville, Inthe song is about kid rock's ex-girlfriend who had a baby that was fully black NOT mixed. the rollingstone looked into this and wouldnot print false stories. kid went through denile about his girlfriend cheating on him until he finally lissoned to his sences. VH1 behind the music has the full info
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