Album: Slowheart (2017)
  • Penned by Kip Moore with Steven Olsen, Josh Miller and David Garcia, this song finds the singer taking aim at the strange culture of Instagram celebrities, who feel the need to put on a show online.

    "There are a few pros to social media, but, for the most part, it's pretty destructive to the soul," Moore told Rolling Stone. "People seek all their validation through it and end up craving other people's lives. It's caused everyone to chase fame for the sole purpose of being famous or insta-famous. Everyone wants a shortcut, and will try to achieve that by whatever means necessary. It causes people to lose their damn minds."
  • Kip Moore sings about how people "chase the lights" and "chase the fame."

    "That's the craziest part. We even touch on social media or poke fun of people taking selfies of themselves in the bathroom or the bed in the morning, you are considered the weirdo," Moore told Billboard. "Five years ago, if you would have seen somebody doing that, you would have thought 'What the hell?' We were talking about how people are in the business of trying to be famous just for the thought of being famous. It's whatever it takes to get that little ounce of fame. Whatever piece of your soul you have to sell to do it. That's what we we're talking about in the song."
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