Help Me Believe

Album: The Fight of My Life (2007)
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  • The genre-bending Christian music artist Kirk Franklin wrote this song at a time when he was questioning his faith. He told us: "That song came in 2007. I was having a rough year, man. I was going through some things with my family and just a lot of things emotionally, and a lot of disappointments. There were some things happening that were kind of scary, and I was really being faced with my faith: how much do I really believe and what do I really believe?

    It was a lot going on, and it was a really, really, really hard time. The first line is, 'I want to believe but I'm having a hard time seeing past what I see right now.' For me, it was all about that first sentence. It's all about what are we saying?" (Here's our full interview with Kirk Franklin.)
  • In 2009, this song won the Grammy award for Best Gospel Song, which baffled Franklin a bit. He told us: "What's interesting is that it wasn't a big radio song. That just happened to be a song that the Grammy people picked as a big song. Well, it was a big song for me personally, but as far as career and radio and airplay, it wasn't. What somebody explained to me is that when the Academy is looking at a song, they're looking at the sonics and the production of it and the movement of it, and I didn't realize that, because I'm not involved in the award process like that."


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