One More Thrill

Album: yet to be titled (2016)
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  • KOLARS is the Los Angeles-based married duo of Rob Kolar and Lauren Brown, who were formerly in the band He's My Brother She's My Sister. He sings and plays guitar; she drums and tap dances. That's right, she wears tap shoes and stands up when she plays, using her feet for the hi-hat rhythm.

    "'One More Thrill' is about taking a risk with your life and pursuing what you really want out of life," Rob Kolar told Songfacts. "In a lot of ways society tries to tell us to play it safe and find a comfortable job that will buy you a house and a normal life. It's written from the perspective of someone realizing he/she doesn't want this routine and wants to break free from that mold because there is another calling somewhere inside them. I wanted to capture the excitement and release of that moment. That spark of transformation.

    There's instances in the song and production that sonically explode. I wanted those moments to reflect the excitement and urgency of breaking free from the monotony that had held you back. It's a song about taking risks and written as a source of inspiration for people on the edge of taking a chance with their lives."
  • The video finds the duo performing in the desert heat, with various metal sculptures forming a backdrop.

    "The day we shot the video it was over 100 degrees," Lauren Brown explained. "It was no easy shoot, but in the end it was worth the sweat and dry heaving. We shot the video in the desert, in a place called Borrego Springs - can you believe those sculptures just exist there? It's a deserted desert landscape, with giant beautiful scary metal sculptures filling the horizon.

    We played everything live in every take, Rob singing and guitaring while I was drumming. Our director, Mike Bruce, shot a lot of the video on his iphone - he has such a great eye for capturing moments in an unexpected way. He's a true talent. At the end of the shoot that day, Rob and I drove to an Italian restaurant and had giant plates of pasta carbonara - just eating and smiling and trying to regain our strength. It was a magical day."


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