Album: Emergency (1985)
Charted: 4 2
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  • While recording their Emergency album, the band decided to record in the Bahamas at Compass Point Studios in Nassau. While working along the beach, lead singer James "JT" Taylor watched the band members' children happily at play and thought to himself, "How blessed we are. God has been good to us and we should cherish it."

    Taylor submitted the idea to the band's bass player Robert "Kool" Bell, who ran with it.
  • This song had special meaning for Bell, who found out his father was listening to the song when he died in October 1985.
  • This was featured in the 2009 comedy 17 Again, starring Zac Efron and Matthew Perry.
  • Ronald Bell, the band's saxophonist and music director, started collecting lots of new music equipment at the time, including a piece included on this track: a drum machine.
  • Ronald furnished the track and gave it to Taylor to write the lyrics, who said it was the first time he'd ever written a song in one sitting without any changes. Producer Jim Bonnefond did want to overhaul the song with new lyrics, though, and even brought in songwriter Sandy Linzer for the task. But Linzer wasn't having it. "They used maybe a couple of lines in the chorus that I gave them gratis, but I thought the song was perfect," he told Billboard.
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Comments: 7

  • Rick from Toms River, NjThe original single release had birds in the beginning. I know because I created the sound with a shot glass on my guitar strings. Why they made so many confusing mixes much later is beyond me. You can't even find the original release any more. You now have to suffer with out of tune sax lines lol... The "birds" must have died...
  • Sabrina from Corvallis, OrThis is my favorite Kool and the Gang song of all times. The video is simply beautiful with the beach scenes. I can imagine a great many couples have adopted this song as "their song" over the years.
  • Jim from Hershey, PaThis is my favorite song of all-time! This song is about the importance of love and life itself.

    If you have someone special in your life, you are very blessed.

    Cherish the Love Cherish the Life
  • Kelly from Terre Haute, InI have loved this song from the very first time that I heard it as a teenager. I heard it on the radio at a restaurant the other day and I went nuts. I started singing and swaying and felt like a teenager. My 10 year old son looked and me like I was a kook. He loves 80's music too and said "I think I have heard this song before." I love Kool and the favs....Cherish and their earlier hit Celebration.

    I am now a registered nurse at a hospice company (travel nurse) and we are to nominate a song that describes our company and what we stand for.....I am going to submit my request for Cherish. For one must cherish each moment in life.....especially at the end of one's life.

    Thanks for the great music. Rock on!!
  • Lisa from Fort Worth, Txthis song is was played at my cousins wedding.....memories
  • Tammy from Anchorage, AkDearest Kool & The Gang
    I like others have listened to this song since I was a child. I love all your music, but this song holds a Special Magic for me. When ever my friends and I go out they have me sing this song. I lost a child in 1990, and this song I dedicated to Alexander Vaughn as well as to the son that I still have, Donovan Ray, This song is dedicated to my family and loved ones and to my Soul Mate, when I finally find him. All My Love to your Gang, Tammy Darlene Stenson
  • Georgina from Laredo, Txi love this song it remind me when i was a little girl and i would lip sing this song with my friends in 1985
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