Jonathan DavisVocals, bagpipes1993-
James "Munky" ShafferGuitar1992-
Brian "Head" WelchGuitar1992-2005, 2013-
Reginald "Fieldy" ArvizuBass1992-
David SilveriaDrums1992-2006
Ray LuzierDrums2007-

Korn Artistfacts

  • KoRn built their large fan base through touring. Their debut album initially sold over 700,000 copies just from their tours with more established artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Megadeth. That album eventually went platinum.
  • They formed in Bakersfield, California.
  • They had their nicknames since they were young. Arvizu had big chubby cheeks when he was a kid so they called him Garfield... later on it became Fieldy. Shaffer is able to spread his toes out to where they look like monkey hands, which is where the name Munky came from. Welch has a big head ("Go get me any hat and it won't fit"), so he earned the name Head. Davis and Silveria don't use nicknames though Jon is often called HIV, he also has a tattoo of this. >>
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    Chad - oakland, MD
  • David, Fieldy, and Munky all first played together under the name LAPD and recorded an album. When they brought along Head, they changed their name to Creep. The addition of Davis brought the name Korn. The band LAPD initially stood for Laughing As People Die, but later it was changed to Love And Peace Dude. >>
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    Aby - Ajman, United Arab Emirates
  • Davis had been in bands before (like Sex Art), but was on his way to becoming a mortician when the band called on him to join. His time as a mortician helped develop his fear of automobiles.
  • A spot on the 1997 Lollapalooza tour helped cement their entrance in the mainstream. This tour was cut short, though, when Munky came down with viral meningitis.
  • They founded and headed up the Family Values Tour in 1998, which helped introduce the world to Limp Bizkit and Orgy, among others.
  • In 1998, a boy at a high school in Zeeland, Michigan was suspended for wearing a Korn T-shirt to school when the principal claimed their music was obscene. The band members responded by handing out free T-shirts in front of the school.
  • Both guitarists use seven-string guitars (the seventh is a low B-string). The bassist has a five-string bass. All of them tune their instruments lower than normal.
  • Davis co-scored the 2002 movie The Queen of the Damned, starring Aaliyah.
  • In 1996, Korn became the first band to have an interactive Internet radio broadcast.
  • KoRn never tell anyone the lyrics to their songs based on their belief that their music is a very personal thing. Anytime you see lyrics to a KoRn song (even transcribed inside the official tablature books to their albums), it is a "best guess." >>
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    Nick - Paramus, NJ
  • Davis used to practice the bagpipes for up to 6 hours a day when he was in High School. >>
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    Denise - tulsa, OK
  • In 2005, Welch left the band to focus on his Christian faith. He left after discovering his daughter was reciting obscene Korn lyrics at school. Welch reunited with the band on stage at the Carolina Rebellion on May 5, 2012 for the first time in 7 years and on May 2, 2013, officially announced rejoining Korn. >>
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    Kenny - Semmes, AL
  • Shaffer started playing the guitar when he accidentally got the top his left index finger cut off in a bike accident. >>
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    Julia - plainville, CT
  • If it was not for David Silveria, Jonathan Davis would not have played the bagpipes in KoRn's music. David simply told him to pick them up and start playing them during band practice, and later the song "Shoots And Ladders" was born.
  • Arvizu is left handed but he plays the bass right handed.
  • Upon completing their record deal with Sony Records, Korn partnered with EMI and signed to Virgin Records. EMI paid Korn $25 million upfront in exchange for a share in the profits of their next two albums, including tours and merchandising. >>
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    Chad - oakland, MD, for above 3
  • Korn were featured on a Halloween episode of South Park where they did a concert for the people of South Park which lasted about 20 seconds and ended the episode. >>
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    ben - adelaide, Australia
  • Davis and Fieldy have known each other all their lives because their fathers were in a band together. >>
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    Carlos - Manassas, VA
  • In 2006, Davis started wearing what rappers call a "Grill," which are silver caps that are put on your top row of teeth. Davis did this because he wanted to make fun of the trend. >>
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    Jay - Avondale, AZ
  • Their 2000 tour rider contains a request for a "Rock Friendly" lawyer, medical doctor, dentist, masseuse and/or chiropractor.
  • Founding member David Silveria left Korn in 2006 and was replaced by Ray Luzier. Having attempted to end the break in 2013, the drummer was told he would not be allowed to return.
  • When Fieldy was forced to drop out of Korn's April 2017 run of South American shows, the band hired a 12-year-old as a replacement. The stand-in wasn't just any pre-teen though, he was Tye Trujillo, the son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo.

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  • Jenniferoshis from Willows, CaBefore I die.. I simply MUST tell Jonathan IN PERSON how much his bands music means to me. Sooo FUCKEN therapeutic.
  • Josh from Meridain, MsKoRn is awsome, I'm gonna get every CD they ever have out. Really all I want is to have Jon on the CD but I want the whole band to be on there. You Know the orignal "KoRn". But things do die out after a while, but KoRn will live in our hearts forever. I've learned so much about KoRn and stuff about each member. It's so kewl that people can find stuff about there fav bands. I would love to meet all the members of the band but I would be happy if I only meet Jon. KORN FREAK FAN FOR LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!
  • Daniel from Nashville, TnYou kids just need to get the Led out.
  • Naioka from Sptsyltuckey, VaKORN! I actually never liked this band until I read it on the back of a music stand in my school's band room. I looked them up and found a few CDs... the rest is history.
  • Danny from Des Moines, IaKenny really likes posting on the Korn page. Anyway, everybody to remember to buy their Untitled album on the 31st of July. I love Evolution and hopefully the rest will be great as well. Oh yeah!
  • Lauren from Boynton Beach, FlIf you look on the selftitled album of KoRn.. you can see the little girl's shadow being hung by the "K" of the KoRn logo... The logo was strategically placed that way for that effect. Somewhere i saw a picture of the girl and what she looks like now. A typical college girl. Anyway, it's a bit creepy but screams KoRn.
  • Cody from Detroit, MiI dont think Jonathan Davis is gay but every1 says he is... is he actually gay???
  • Jake from Philadelphia, PaI love KoRn! They are my favorite band!
  • Deya from Las Vegas, NmKoRn rules they are my fav.
  • Klayton from Lancaster, OhKorn rocks. I've spent nearly $1,000 on their merchandise.
  • Chad from Oakland, MdKoRn is my fav band of all time, and always will be. If you have not heard much of them i suggest you check out all the albums because they are all unique in thier own ways.
  • Kyle from Kingston, Canadawithout head korn is almost dead they sound weird lacking a guitarist
  • Kyle from Kingston, Canada with head they are as good as dead he started it all
  • Nikki from Brampton, Canadai like theyr new single twsted transister
  • Marlow from Perthtruly the best thing to come out in the 90s!
  • Zach Richardson from Somerset , Kykorn is awsome,belive it are not theire is a lot of korn fans here in somerset ky.it be cool to meet some one from korn.
  • Zach Richardson from Somerset , Kyyeah!
  • Tony (aka) Korn-kid from Phx, Azsorry for #2) he was mollested, not raped, srry (korn) for comment below.
  • Damon from Mesa., AzKorn is the best band on this planet. it was sad to see head leave the band but they will be fine with out him. No one puts more heart and soul in his lyrics than JD.
  • Garrett from Clark, SdThis is pretty neat site to find when you have those questions about your favorite band that no one can answer.
  • Angela from Tuscaloosa, AlI think that they are great because, they have all kinds of werid ideas and they throw it together on one record and it totally rocks and sell's millions and if it wasn't for his wife I'd be married to him or atleast one of his ex's.
  • Miles from Madison, Wii cant believe head left the band!!!! that sucks so much!!!!!!!
  • R0ckstarr from Houston, TxIf you all wanna know where Korn really got there name from, look up the old TV show HEE HAW. You will find the answers you seek there.
  • Kurt from Unity, MeIn Case You didnt notice, Jon D. is the guy trying to scalp tickets in queen of the damned
  • Danielle from NorthumberlandRory from camden:

    none is true... Korn is just a dumb name that meant nothing until the band established it.
    and is dad did -not- molest him, it was his neighbour apparently
  • Taylor from Arlington, WaI was reading a few parts of this place and Davis says he fantasizes about f***ing his girlfriend while choking her to death. I just wanted to say that's happened to me before. Personally, it turned me on.
  • Andrew from Sheboygan, WiJonathan Davis is Related to the lead singer of ADEMA. Weird huh.
  • Nikki from Pittstown, NjKoRn's album Follow the leader went Quintuple platinum.
  • Lily from New York City, Pakorn is an awsome band. that's enough said anything more would spoil it.
  • Josh from El Paso, TxKorn's name did come from a true life gay men incident. It's too graphic to print but it involves a kernel of corn inside one of the gay men's mouth. Jon says he has fun w/his friends by yelling "Corn!!!" Those that know the story all gag.
  • Kurt from Unity, Mecorrection 2002 on below post
  • Kurt from Unity, MeA couple mini tidbits: Jon's father is Rick Davis(Owner of Indigo Ranch and keyboardist for Buck Owens) His Brother is Mark Davis (Adema's lead singer). Korn launched Limp Bizkits career after Head met Fred at a tatoo parlor where Head got his "worst tatoo ever" featuring Korns logo, and later told others about Limp. Very odd is that Jon launched Deadsy with Elementree Records and Fred Launched Puddle of Mudd. Whats odd? Korn did a tour in 2004 with Deadsy and puddle of Mudd, Which i dont think Deadsy, Limp or Puddle would be anywhere without Korn.
  • Dawn from Rapid City, SdAlot of these comments or not true. if you dont know then don't type them in. Jonathan was the last member of korn. The title of the band didn't come from two gay guys. That was just a rumer. Buy their dvd it will tell you alot about their band. it all comes from korn themselves.
  • Zack from Creston, IaKoRn Rules....
  • Jenny from Everett, WaKoRn's latest album, Take a Look In the Mirror, is absolutely one of the best korn albums. I am a devoted child of the KoRn and can say that this album did truley impress me with it's lyrics and overall sound. These guys really know how to deliver and kick some ass.
  • Rory from Camden, NjkoRn's name is pretty sick......
    it came from two gay guys davis new
    when they were at a party the two guys wanted to gross the people out so they said it would be awesome if they ate eachothers a$$es out and got corn in their teeth......so naturally davis went around say corn! to everyone who was at the party
    and to represent his tortured chilld hood(his dad molested him)he wrote the word "corn" with his left hand(davis is right handed) and spelled it rong with a backwards R to make it look as if a child wrote it
    its on their official website quoted from davis
  • Nathan from Gold Coast, AustraliaMunky came up with the idea for the self-titled album cover art. The cover is supposed to portray that there is a darker side to everything. If the shadow of the man is taken out of the photo all that is left is a little girl sitting on some swings. The shadow of the man kind of robs the picture of its innocence but also conveys the message that there is more to things than just what may be apparent.
  • Lacy from North Bay, CanadaKorn is the best band on the face of the earth. Or that have ever got anywhere near Earth. I love every song on every CD. If you dont have their CD's, buy them asap, it's worth every penny.
  • Erik from Davis, CaJon stole one of the bagpipes he plays from his high school where he played in a pipe band. On the pipes, one of the pieces is marked "property of Highland High School."
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