One More Try

Album: Land of the Living (1996)
Charted: 41 78


  • This was the second (after "Feel What You Want") of 16 #1 Dance hits for Kristine W, who honed her skills headlining a Las Vegas show at The Hilton. Kristine writes many of her own songs, and she composed this one with her producers for the track, Rollo Armstrong and Robert Dougan.

    Most songs called "One More Try" (two of which were #1 Hot 100 hits, by George Michael in 1988 and Timmy T in 1991) deal with romantic love, and this song can certainly be interpreted that way. As for what it means to Kristine, she explained in our 2013 interview: "That one to me was me going back to the Tri-Cities [Washington State] after I went to Las Vegas and was gone for a couple of years. It was so hard trying to go to school and make a living as a live performer there, and after two years of being away, my grandparents looked older, so many things had changed, all the people that I went to high school with, many of them were gone, they weren't there anymore, their parents didn't even live in those houses. So many things changed in my hometown that it was like, Wow. And it just hit me like that. 'Every window in my hometown is empty and I really don't know why. And the house you used to live is cold and falling down.' My best friend that I grew up with next door, she didn't live there anymore and there were people I didn't know, the house was really rundown in a matter of a few years. So that took that connotation, my best friend and me and my hometown. But other people applied it more to relationships or somebody passing away. So it was very rewarding to see how it moved other people in different directions."
  • Despite her sensational success on the Dance charts, this was Kristine W's only entry on the US Hot 100. She was being marketed as the next Madonna, but Dance music wasn't crossing over like it did in the '80s, at least in America. The song did better in the UK, where there was more of a connection between what was played in the clubs and on the radio. Dance music would enjoy a revival in the late '00s in America, as DJs became stars, but the mid-'90s was more about Rap, Grunge and Jam Bands.


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