Album: Kiss Me Once (2014)


  • This raunchy bedroom number was produced by The Monsters & The Strangerz, and was written by Sia Furler, who served as executive producer on Kiss Me Once along with Minogue. "'Sexercize' is a little more risqué and has pushed me," the Australian singer admitted to The Sun. "But it's still within my world. I was just pushed out to the limits a couple of times."
  • The video was directed by photographer Will Davidson, who also shot the viral clip for "Skirt." The visual takes the viewer on a voyeuristic journey working out and acts as a homage to Olivia Newton-John's promo for her song "Physical." Kylie told "We were channeling 'Physical,' we were channeling Jane Fonda and also a video by Malcolm McClarren for Madame Butterfly, which was just fantastic."

    "It's all about girls wandering around in a sauna, so between those three, they were my references," she continued. "The video is directed by a great Australian photographer and directed, Will Davidson, who took all of my references and made them a reality. Job done."
  • Minogue launched the now-defunct Sexercize website, which was created to showcase the song through the eyes of other collaborators such as director Roman Coppola, the astrologers Starsky + Cox, designer Jean Paul Gaultier and National Geographic TV. The singer was asked by Rolling Stone what the inspiration was for the project? She replied; "Well, what is sexercize? It's everything, it's nothing, it's everything, it's whatever, really. It was important with that song to have a lot of fun with it - it's not a single, but it's a song that we could get some traction with, have some fun, be a bit saucy."

    "I've been talking to my friend Richard Christiansen, who founded Chandelier Creative, for years, saying, 'We've got to do something together,'" she added. "This seemed like the perfect vehicle. It was fantastic to have such great and varied artists take the time and join in on the fun of this project. I've never done anything like this - and I actually can't think of another artist who has, so maybe it's a first? I'm not sure."


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