One Inch Man

Album: ...And the Circus Leaves Town (1995)


  • A track from the final album by Kyuss, "One Inch Man" was written by their lead singer John Garcia and bass player Scott Reeder. Kyuss had a reputation for being a "stoner rock" band, and Garcia fuels that fire when he explains how this song came together.

    As Garcia told us, he was fishing with a friend when he came up with the idea of a one-inch man who struggles because he is the only one of his kind. And yes, he was stoned when he thought of it.

    Garcia took his idea to rehearsal that night, and Reeder came up with the riff.

    "That one is a kind of a 'to each his own' type of thing and I wouldn't try too hard to decipher it," Garcia said. "It's just another tragic little lonely guy by himself doing his thing." (Here's the full John Garcia interview.)


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