by L7

Album: Bricks Are Heavy (1992)
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  • This song is about the first Iraq War, which took place in 1991. There was a lot of support for the war, but Americans seemed detached, willing to watch it play out on TV. In "Wargasm," L7 takes aim at the shallow displays of patriotism that don't require any real sacrifice or effort ("Tie a yellow ribbon 'round the amputee"), likening it to a sexual turn-on for those who find it titillating.
  • Lead singer Donita Sparks wrote this song. She saw the Iraq War as a conspiracy of sorts, which the US govnernment was using as a distraction. "The Gulf War covered up the Savings And Loans crisis," she told Melody Maker. "The Savings And Loans literally went bankrupt because the Republicans were scamming. People were taking money from it and it went bankrupt, and to cover all that up - Pow! Suddenly, the Gulf War was on TV every moment of the day. So, you see, stuff like that covers up the real s--t that's going down."


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