You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You


  • Vocalist Cristina Scabbia explained the song's meaning to Metal Hammer: "It talks about the obsession of love. It's about Stockholm syndrome; you can hear the description of the room from the lyrics, and it's really about wanting the thing that you can't have. We only feel complete with this other person, without ever realising that you can be complete on your own."

    Co-vocalist Andrea Ferro added: "It can be applied to many things, a job that you have to go to every day for example. But it's about trying to escape, you know 'I have to do it but I hate it.' That's why the chorus explodes with a scream like it does at the end."
  • Like "Blood, Tears, Dust", the song's music video was directed and edited by Cosimo Alemà and produced by the production company Borotalco. Co-vocalist Cristina Scabbia portrays one of the two investigators looking into the disappearance and murder of a young woman. Scabbia's partner in the clip is actor Andrew Harwood, while you'll also spot the other band members taking on various roles throughout the story.

    Andrea Ferro said: "Every age has its form of storytelling, and video clips have been a huge part of our culture. Talking with Cosimo and our label, we decided to create something to bring back the artistic quality video clips used to have. We put our love for cinema into our video for the song 'You Love Me 'Cause I Hate You', as you will see there is a clear inspiration from TV series like True Detective and also a certain Twin Peaks/Resident Evil vibe. We wanted the viewers to contemplate the story and question what it really means."

    He added: "There is also a tight connection with the previous video for the song 'Blood, Tears, Dust' as both clips should be considered almost as one single piece. The videos clearly explore the main theme of our latest album, Delirium, and all its madness and symbols."


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