Our Kind Of Love

Album: Need You Now (2009)
Charted: 51


  • This is the third single from American country music group Lady A's second album, Need You Now. The trio wrote the song with San Francisco songwriter Michael Busbee, whose other credits include Timbaland featuring Katy Perry's "If We Ever Meet Again," Rascal Flatts' "Summer Nights" and Alexandra Burke's UK chart-topper "Bad Boys."
  • The lyrics describe how simple love can be if a couple keep their relationship fresh and fun and don't take themselves too seriously.
  • Paul Worley produced the song. In an interview with Billboard magazine he compared Lady Antebellum to the Dixie Chicks, an act he has also produced. "There's a convergence of talent and energy with the three of them," he said. "Dave is the brains, Hillary's the heart, and Charles is the drive. They are all three creative people, but they don't overlap. The combination is powerful."
  • This was the third consecutive Country #1 from the group's album, Need You Now.
  • Lady A's Dave Haywood told The Boot the story behind the writing of this song: "This was one of the first songs we wrote after we released our first record. We wrote it with Busbee. When we walked into the room that day, he was jamming on a piano. We had never met this guy before, but it turns out he's a really great piano player. He was just jamming for fun, but it was such a cool little piano riff. We start a lot of our songwriting musically, as opposed to lyrically, so we were like, 'What was that? Why don't we just write to that?' Within three or four minutes, we were already humming melodies to a verse and the chorus.
    The piano riff kind of set us off into a young, summer love vibe. We wanted to show people nuances of certain kinds of love. We hear stories all the time from people saying, 'We have our own special ways to love.' There are little nuances such as holding hands or not making plans, little things, that people do to make their relationships special for them.
    After we wrote it, we knew 100 percent that we were going to put it on our second record. That doesn't normally happen. A lot of times, you write a song and see where it ends up, or you wait to see if it winds up making the cut when you start recording. This song had a fresh feel to it and was a great new direction for us. We wanted it to dictate and guide our songwriting for the entire record, which ended up being 'Need You Now.'"


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