My Delirium

Album: Ladyhawke (2008)
Charted: 33


  • Ladyhawke is New Zealand native Pip Browne. The singer-songwriter told Clickmusic that her Ladyhawke moniker is a tribute to the 1980s movie of the same name. She explained: "You can't go wrong with that film, it's amazing! It's so bad it's good. I love that film. You can't go wrong with Michelle Pfeiffer in the 80s!"
  • Ladyhawke explained the background to this song on her website: " I wrote the song a year and a half ago after days of no sleep due to terrible jetlag. I felt like I was going out of my mind. I was missing my friends and family back home, and I was basically living to hear my phone ring in hope that it would be one of them calling. So my delirium came out of me thinking I was going crazy from lack of sleep!"
  • This was Ladyhawke's first UK Top 40 hit.
  • The song's music video features paintings and illustrations by Sarah Larnach, who is responsible for Ladyhawke's entire visual portfolio. It was directed by Benji Davies and Jim Field who are otherwise known as Frater. Ladyhawke explained the promo on her website: "I always knew this song had the potential for a really imaginative video, considering the general theme of the song is me going crazy. So when I read the treatment sent in by the Frater guys, a duo of London based directors who specialize in animation, I knew it was the one!
    Basically it had been written around the idea that my best friend Sarah Larnach, who does all my artwork, was to illustrate the video, along with the Frater guys. So she came over all the way from Sydney to crash on my couch for a month and spend every day painting pictures for the video!
    Benji Davies and Jim Field were really lovely guys and very easy to work with. The idea of the video is that I'm hauled up in a hotel room, on the roadside in the middle of the Arizona desert. There are two paintings on the wall above the bed, and as my head starts to get foggier, the pictures start to come to life, and I end up inside the paintings, driving in a muscle car down the desert, my suitcase in the back, going somewhere which ends up being outer-space... after flying over the edge of a cliff. Everyday kinda stuff ya know? It's filled with beautiful water colour back-grounds, and washed out psychedelic painted space scenes. We shot a day of live action, which roughly went from 8am till about 9 or 10pm. It was all the scenes of me in the hotel room, and me driving the car. The hotel set was built in a studio, and huge attention to detail was paid to make it look as close to American road-side motel as possible. Old clocks, dressers, lamps, light fittings etc. It was a lot of fun to shoot, and the least stressful and turned out to be my favorite video so far."


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