Brandon LancasterLead vocals2013-
Chandler BaldwinBass2013-
Jared HamptonKeyboards2013-
Tripp HowellDrums2013-
Eric SteedlyGuitar2013-

Lanco Artistfacts

  • The five group members each got their start playing in different bands and with different artists. All of them had big dreams of musical success – but nothing worked until they all came together and formed Lanco.

    "I've literally been in bands - I don't think there's a year of my life since I was 13 I wasn't in a band. And so, I played with so many guys and made so many friendships," frontman Brandon Lancaster shared during a recent media event. "But I remember meeting Tripp: He and I were in different bands, and we'd go to each other's shows. And then I played him some of the songs I had been writing, and he was like, 'All right. I want in on this. Let's start' ... And then, when I met Eric, he went to school with [Baldwin and Hampton], and brought them along."

    "That first night we all got together, we actually played less music than I think any other first band practices," he continued. "Usually, everyone's awkward, and the only way you can communicate is through your instruments. I just really got along with everyone, which made the music easier ... There was a chemistry there. It was the first time it wasn't just a bunch of dudes playing instruments in a tight vicinity; it was friends. It felt like, 'These are my buddies.'"
  • Lanco's name is linked to Brandon Lancaster. It is short for Lancaster & Company.
  • Lanco had a crowded living situation when they first moved to Nashville. "The five of us technically lived in a two-bedroom house," Lancaster recalled to The Boot. "There were also three other guys, so it was technically [eight] people living in a two-bedroom house. We turned the attic and dining rooms into bedrooms, and then there was a basement where two guys lived. It was hilarious."
  • Brandon Lancaster actually worked the 9-5 job that he croons about in Lanco's debut hit "Greatest Love Story."

    So you went off to college and I got a job
    I was working that 9 to 5
    Dreaming of the days when you were in my arms, I have never felt so alive.

    The Lanco frontman happened to be driving by the factory where he worked during high school in Smyrna, Tennessee, when he first heard "Greatest Love Story" being played on the radio.


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