by LANY (featuring Julia Michaels)

Album: yet to be titled (2019)


  • This anthemic song intertwines Lany lead singer Paul Klein with Julia Michaels' vocals throughout. Lany hooked up with Michaels through some mutual friends; it marked the band's first ever collaboration.
  • The duet, co-written by Klein and Michaels in just two days at Conway Recording Studios, finds the pair singing about recovering from a breakup. They feel so low after their heartbreak that they wonder if they'll ever be OK again. The Lany frontman recalled to MTV News:

    "I remember we talked for a long time and we went outside and ate a bunch of grapes in the parking lot. She talked to me about some guy she had a crush on, and I was like, 'I just can't even look at girls right now' because I still loved this girl that totally wrecked me. At the end of my whole two-hour spiel, I think I said to her, 'I'm gonna be okay. Right?' And she's like, 'write that right now.'"
  • The song is filled with colorful details summarizing the songwriter's recent personal breakups.

    I bought that pillow on the couch 'cause it reminded
    Me of the colors on your wall I thought you'd like it

    Klein recalled to Genius: "We decided during those two days, is we were going to tell it exactly how it was. And we were going to pull out some really colorful details. And I was like, 'I bought this pillow, on the couch.' We didn't really want to be mysterious or ambiguous at all."
  • When Klein originally wrote the song with Michaels they didn't necessarily intend it to be a duet. The Lany singer explained that he had a version of just him singing the tune also one with her singing every line with him. He decided the latter version made the most sense.
  • Julia Michaels told Billboard this was was the first song that she and Klein ever wrote together. "He was going through a lot of stuff and so was I, and we both just sort of poured out all of our emotions to each other," Michaels said. "And in like two hours, we had written this song together and now it's out in the world."


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