Album: Achin' and Shakin' (2010)
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  • Appearing on the "Achin'" side of Bundy's Achin' and Shakin' album, "Cigarette" is a song about regret that the stage actress-turned-singer wrote with producer Nathan Chapman. The idea is that instead of kissing the guy, she should have smoked a cigarette, because it would have been healthier. In our interview with Laura Bell Bundy, she explained: "This whole Achin' & Shakin' stuff is about relationships, and it's about vices. And the time I was in my life was the time where I was coming into my own and I stopped judging myself for trying these things, and for making mistakes. And yeah, I've been in a situation where I've cheated, and I'm sorry about it, and I don't want to do it again, and I could lose somebody for doing it. So that's personal. I've been in a situation where I have regret, where I should have left my lipstick on the cigarette."
  • Bundy told us that this is her favorite song on the album, adding, "I like the second verse. Your first verse is better than your second, the second one can sometimes be a throwaway. But this song, it was like, Oh my god, we love the second verse. It was all this comparison with ashes to ashes, cigarette smoke, and dying slowly. And I love the idea of I should have left my lipstick on a cigarette. I love that it's a beautiful way and an ironic way of having regret."
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