I Am What I Am

Album: Another Piece of Me (2015)
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  • Already in Switzerland to perform at a music festival, Laura Bell Bundy took the opportunity to film this song's music video in the Swiss Alps. "There is not another place in nature I feel more connected to my higher source than in the mountains," Bundy explained. "So when I found out I'd be performing at the Gstaad Country Music Festival - in the midst of the Alps and the same setting as my favorite film, The Sound of Music - I was stoked."

    "Filming in the same place Maria von Trapp sang seemed like the perfect place to tell that story, a story about being okay with being yourself and feeling free," she added. "I want to send the message that being who you are is not only a beautiful courageous thing, it's a necessary thing."
  • You might have thought the video took days to film with multiple crew members, but that wasn't the case. "I kind of had imagined that 'I Am What I Am' feels like you were in the mountains, like Maria Von Trapp in the Sound of Music," she told The Boot. "And so I invited Becky Fluke, who is a good friend of mine, to come to Switzerland with me and film the video."

    "We did it rogue," Bundy continued. "We didn't ask permission from the label. I paid up front for it. We had the concept for the video. Andy Davis also conceptualized the video with us, who was my boyfriend at the time. And, we wanted people to hold up who they were. We rented a helicopter for an hour. We had all these crazy shots where Becky was hanging out of the helicopter, and they'd drop me off at the top of this mountain. My skirt was flying up in the air. It was hilarious."
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