I'm No Good (For Ya Baby)

Album: Achin' and Shakin' (2010)
  • Bundy wrote this with the Nashville songwriters Mike Shimshack and Jeff Cohen. In our interview with Laura Bell Bundy, she explained: "Mike and I got together and had some dinner, and he was telling me some stories about how he'd said to a girl at the bar, 'My motto with these women is saying, I'm no good for you, baby.' And I said, 'That is so funny. That's our song tonight that we're gonna write.'
    It was a little different, it had a little bit of, (singing) 'very superstitious,' it's got a little bit of Stevie Wonder in there. And it's (singing) 'I don't think you heard me correctly, I'm no good for you, baby.' So that's what I picked out of it. I was like, 'That kind of sounds like Stevie Wonder, but we can't really copy it. So let's bring the funk in.' So Jeff started playing his guitar over this very loose track that Mike had done, and we started singing and throwing out 'I'm No Good For You, Baby,' and it was very '60s. Then the black-grounds, or the black-ups – does that sound horrible? (laughing) It's all right, they call themselves that. It's just that when other people hear it, it does sound a little bit weird. It's like an inner band term. So even if you're black, it's a black phrase."
  • This song followed "Giddy On Up" on the "Shakin'" side of the Achin' and Shakin' album. It's a concept album devoted to the two sides of her personality, and "I'm No Good" represents the phase after the breakup described in "Giddy On Up."
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