Loving and Lying

Album: Longing for a Place Already Gone (2007)


  • A track from Bundy's debut album, she told us: "'Loving and Lying' is about being in a relationship and falling for someone… else. And having to choose. And so you're loving both and you're lying to both." She added, "It's happened to me so many times. But it's not a cheating song. Maybe it is. It's not a physical cheating song. It's an emotionally cheating song. It's emotionally caring about someone – two people at once. You know when you're single and you're dating people, and you're not committed to anybody, but you're kind of loving two people at once? It's that. And it's also having feelings for someone that you shouldn't be, too. Those songs, when you get into that kind of stuff, that's when you get scared, when you're writing it down and you're like, Oh my god, what am I saying right now? What am I admitting about myself? That's the stuff that scares you. And that's when you know you have a good song.

    It's an emotional song, so I'll go to the emotional place, because it's an emotional song. When I perform, I can channel that emotion or that feeling from the time that I wrote it, or about what's going on in my life. So I could definitely go back to that place." (Read more in our interview with Laura Bell Bundy.)


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