Pow Pow

Album: This Is Happening (2010)
  • LCD leader James Murphy explained the background to this song in a track-by-track interview with The NME May 18, 2010: "The core of this was in my head for about five or six years. It all kind of glued together in Australia, so when I got back I recorded it and made my manager want to kill me. I couldn't even tell him I was doing it because I was late with the record."
  • The song's music video was directed by David Ayer and stars Twilight star Anna Kendrick. She told MTV News: "It sort of came out of nowhere. David (Ayer) came up with this idea and asked me to do it. I've never done anything like this at all, so I was really excited about it. It's been really fun."

    The Oscar-nominated actress added that she turned to classic Hollywood for inspiration for her star turn, "He (Ayer) told me to watch Sunset Boulevard. He used that as a reference as (to) what's going on underneath this girl."
  • Ayer conceded to MTV News that the clip's concept is a bit cerebral. "This video's a little far out, a little esoteric," he said. "In this world, Anna's sort of this shape-shifter, I guess you could say."

    Ayer further explained that the message of the clip is about remaining humble, regardless of how much you might have succeeded in your walk of life. "No matter how big you are, how important you are in this temporal world of ours, there's somebody more important," he said. "You have to answer for your sins, and that's a little bit of what this video is about. And the person who sort of represents the power in this video isn't, like, some hardcore gangster guy, but little old Anna Kendrick kinda being her shy self."
  • This was the first clip filmed for a MTV series supervideo in which culture magazine Mean and the American network hooked up to finance music videos that are epic dramas with good directors. Training Day writer David Ayer was nabbed for this one.
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