Album: Physical Graffiti (1975)


  • This is a 2-minute acoustic guitar instrumental written by Jimmy Page.
  • Bron-yr-Aur (pronounced "Bron-rar") is a place in Wales where Page and Plant went after a tough tour in the US. They needed to put another album together, and decided to go there for a change of scenery. They ended up writing many of the songs for Led Zeppelin III on the trip.
  • Some minor string squeaks and small mistakes were left in to keep the live feel. Jimmy Page liked it that way.
  • This was recorded in 1970 at the Led Zeppelin III sessions. It was resurrected for Physical Graffiti to fill the double album.
  • The title is spelled differently from "Bron-y-aur," as in "Bron-y-aur Stomp," another Zeppelin song.
  • Led Zeppelin played this live during their early to mid 1970 tour to preview the third album, then it was dropped entirely from setlists. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Chris - Whitesboro, NY
  • This song along with "Friends" features Open C tuning by Jimmy Page. The rattling heard in the song is from most of the strings being tuned low. >>
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    JT - Tullahoma, TN
  • On the demos recorded at Headley Grange, you can hear Jimmy Page playing this, with young Carmen Plant's laughter in the background! >>
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    Bertrand - Paris, France

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  • Shawn Allen from Saint Marys, PaLike many, I grew up with Zeppelin. In high school I had a Zeppelin T shirt for every day of the week. They are in my soul, they're a part of me and always will be. I'm 51 now and I still love them. Bron-Yr-Aur will play at my funeral some day
  • Alloowishus from The MoonThe effect on this song is produced by recording the song backwards and recording the reverb, then playing it forward with the backwards reverb.
  • Steev from Bloomington, InWhen I first heard this as Physical Graffiti was released, I knew I had to play it. Of course with no internet in the 70's we had no access to tabs or youtube videos to help. Even to just figure out the guitar tuning, you had to keep moving the tone arm back on the record to detect open strings. Very tedious. I never regretted the effort, and to this day it is still in my repertoire and I perform it often. (much to the consternation of audiences, I might add!) My 12-sting I use for this song has remained in that tuning since 1976.
  • Rod from Brisbane, AustraliaI had this play as my "intro" song at my wedding - when me and wife walked into reception after ceremony.

    It went down great. Especially when I looked at my mate who introduced me to Zep and winked. He had no idea this is what I chose.

    beautiful song to fit the best day of my life.
  • Kristin from Santa Cruz, Cathe pronunciation listed on this site is WRONG. it is pronounced bron-ar-higher (but drop the "h")

    check out this link:
  • Rory from Charlotte, NcThis is the shortest Led Zeppelin song. The longest Zeppelin song, "In My Time of Dying", is also featured on "Physical Graffiti".
  • Melissa from Fairborn, OhThis short Led Zeppelin instrumental is less than three minutes.
  • Geoff from Calgary, CanadaRANDY from dayton. If you can get me the live version of bron-yr-aur i would be sooooo happy to hear it. If you can just reply back here im not sure how to message you any other way.
  • Craig from Springfiel, OrWell, Plant does say that it is Bron-rar.... but he also says Americer God bless him


    Amazing song.. kind of a... I wouldn't say tribute but it's very similar to tunings Roy Harper (very good friend of band, especially Pagey) uses. I imagine he picked it up from him. I use a slide on it and it's magical lol
  • Ethan from Hoosick Fals, Nyto Mitchell, I would be very surprised if anyone who has heard this song don't know Going to California or Wish You were Here
  • Randy from Dayton, OhRegarding the pronunciation of the name, I have a live cut of this track and in the beginning of the piece Jimmy has to retune for this song and Robert spends a decent amount of time discussing this town and its effect on Led Zep, and Robert is the one who pronounces it "Bron-Rar". Maybe those in that region pronounce it differently than Robert, but I think that the point is that even if you mispronounce the name of the tune, it is the tune that matters most, and this one is one I certainly am never going to live without, nor its cousin "* * Stomp". If anyone wants the live cut, lemme know and I'll hook it up! hehe
  • Mike from Mason, OhI absoutly love this song. I play it almost everynight before i go to bed then I listin to it a few more times. One of my favorite Zep tunes. And its so underated! And does anyone know if there is a video of Jimmy playin it live? If so please post on here and let me know! ROCK ON!
  • David from Merseyside, EnglandI agree with you Collin, Jimmy Page is definately one of the most tallented and most versitile guitarists of all time.
  • Mitchell from Redding, CaI agree with Farzad. This song just makes me feel happy and relaxed. If you like it, you should hear, "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd, or "Going to California" by Led Zeppelin
  • Tom from East Lyme, Ctsara, i think your thinking of Bron-y-ar STOMP
  • Jaym from The Dark Side Of The Moon"Robert Plant wrote this song about his dog"
    Sara, what have you been smoking? There's not lyrics on this song. It's all a Jimmy Page guitar instrumental.
  • Sara from Sioux City, IaRobert Plant wrote this song about his dog.
  • Collin from Midland, TxI love this song. It is so soothing and... and... just flat amazing. Jimmy Page is truly the master at playing anything from soothing coffee house songs (like Evan said) to scorching riffs. Does anyone else agree with me?
  • Linnea from Stockholm, SwedenThis is my favorit acoustic song ever. it is absolutely beautiful
  • Poo from Poo, GreenlandBron-yr-aur... change of scenery... perfect song for it... beautiful, just beautiful...
  • Aron from Swansea, WalesIt's pronounced as 'bron uh-r (yr) ah-ee-r(aur) obviously with a flow to it. Trust me, welsh is my first language!!
  • Ryan from Poway, CaThis song really is great--It makes sense that it was written in Wales (a place famous for the talent of their bards) It's pronounced Bron-eer-air (ai as in aisle)
  • Michael from Houston, TxIn the Almost Famous movie, along with various other Led Zeppelin tracks, and suprisingly, most of them are from Zep III. (That's The Way, Tangerine)
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScYeah it's a beautiful song!
  • David Corino from Hawley, PaListing to it now with my eyes shut--spudz.
  • Dan from Lake Hiawatha, NjThis is by far the best acoustic song i've ever heard.
  • Jude from Szombathely, HungaryI heard that linguists are arguing till this day as to how the pronunciation of Bron-Yr-Aur goes, hehe.
  • Evan from Orlando, FlWhenever I hear this I think of the Coffee House I go to sometimes at my highschool. Somebody always plays this and it's always so soothing and amazing.
  • Jim from Toledo, Ohamazing tune, even greater when you think all the creativity that goes into just coming up with such an oddball tuning. i dont know if that was a typo or what, Harry, but it is definitely not an elecrtic guitar playing
  • Adam from Kansas City, MoThis tune is what inspired me to start taking guitar lessons. I want to be able to play this tune on two occasions: 1) I'd like to play it for my wife if/when I get married. 2) I also want to be able to play this as a lullaby for any children I ever have. This tune is beautiful to me.
  • Matt from KrakÃ?w, PolandThis is the song which makes my soul sing...
  • Harry from Seaville, NjThe most amazing electric guitar solo i have ever heard
  • Two Crows from Chemehuevi Rez, CaThis Uplifting Tune Of Deep Serenity Morphs Me Back To My Incredible Laguna Beach Days.Days Of Forever Sunsets,"Sunshine",Afgani Sheesh,Killer Thai And Rightous,Memorable Times With The Brothers/Friends Of Eternal Love.May Forever Our Minds/Bodies Be Liberated By Whatever Means We May See Fit To Choose, As "Our Founding Fathers" Wanted/Intended!!! Right On Farzad!
  • Adrian from Wilmington, DeThis song also plays in "The Song Remains the Same" while Zeppelin is in the limo on the way to their gig at Madison Square Garden. It creates an interesting contradiction to the mania and sometimes violence that accompanied Zeppelins live shows.
  • Spudz from Guys Mills, Pathis song is amazing listen to it close your eyes and o man it makes you think
  • Terence from Mumbai, Indiathis plays at the end of my fav movie.....ALMOST FAMOUS....the movie wud be incomplete without this track man, hats off to zeppelin and the AF crew, PS: also has tangerine in now u knw y its my fav movie !
  • Kelly from Los Angeles, Cayou're all right, this song is beautiful.
  • David from Chatham, CanadaHey Farzad I won't disagree
  • Matt from Chicago, Ilgood point farzad this is such a godly song, people say zep was satanic well i think this proves them wrong.
  • Daniel from Kenner, LaHi again. Phonetically the title sounds like "bronariar", and not "Bron-rar" which is commonly misused. There you go, now you know.
  • Farzad from Gainesville, FlWhen I get to heaven, all I want is for this song to be playing.
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