Everything But Quits

Album: Call Me Crazy (2008)
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  • This is a duet with George Strait, with whom Womack shares a manager. AOL asked her how well she knows the Country legend. She replied: "I don't know about very well, but as far as having friends in the business, I know him better than most. I remember when I first got my record deal, when the Academy of Country Music Awards were still out in L.A. We were at the label party afterwards, and it was Reba [McEntire], Vince [Gill], Strait, me, and Gary Allan, all just standing around a grand piano, and Tony [Brown] was playing. It was so nice. It was a moment I'll never forget. George launched into a Merle Haggard song, and I just remember the tone and the sound of his voice. Although I had gone to many concerts and listened to his records for years, my appreciation for his actual instrument just shot through the roof that night. He was standing to my left, and his voice was coming off the wood of that piano, and it was the richest tone I'd ever heard. I thought, "I have got to sing with him!" And in terms of song selection, he's just brilliant at being able to pick what's going to work. Maybe I should have him A & R my next project. [Laughs]"
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