No No No

Album: Everything's Dandy (2018)
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  • LEEDS is the moniker for Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon's solo project - Everything's Dandy was his first album away from the band. "No No No" is a caribbean-flavored tune where looks to simplify his life, making inner peace a priority over celebrity, which he achieved at a young age with Spacehog.
  • In a Songfacts interview with Royston Langdon, he talked about this track. "I suppose one does what one can to keep up with the illusion of what we think we ought to be, and I definitely used drugs and alcohol to help with that.

    It deviates one from getting closer to truth. It's an anesthetic, and in some ways I don't regret it because in a strange kind of odd, perverse way it kept me alive, because I don't think I would have survived had I not had those things. You try to fit in and do the people pleasing, and these days, I'm just a little less inclined to please people, not because I don't want to, but sometimes you've got to displease people. That's the down side of not people-pleasing (laughs)... people are displeased."
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