Don't Worry

Album: Gold-Diggers Sound (2021)
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  • Here, Leon Bridges reminisces about a past lover he's still carrying a flame for. He hopes the guy she's seeing now is treating her well, but if he isn't, he'll be "runnin' him down." Bridges tells her not to worry and insists he's moved on, but it's clear he misses his ex.
  • The song is a duet with Atlanta singer-songwriter Ink. She sings from the perspective of Bridges' former lover, and makes it clear he'd not committed enough to their relationship. She's lived with his lies for too long and left him for somebody who gives her what she needs.
  • Bridges told Apple Music that Ink "embodies this country-hood type of vibe," bringing an infectious energy to the music. "That's kind of how 'Don't Worry' came about," he added.
  • Bridges came up with the song during a late-night session with producers Ricky Reed and Nate Mercereau and his band. "We got into this groove and Leon just started making sounds with his mouth," Reed recalled to Uncut magazine. "Just melodies with no words. We jammed on it for an hour or so, and he just kept singing, 'don't worry about me, baby.'"

    The next day, they went into the studio and tried to decipher the sounds he was making. "We ended up piecing together this epic love story," said Reed. "It was so beautiful and natural. He just wrote the whole thing live with the band."
  • Bridges recorded the song for his third studio album, Gold-Diggers Sound. He laid down the record at Gold-Diggers Studio in East Hollywood. "I have been working and kind of digging and searching for the right sound over the course of two years," said the singer. "Gold-Diggers was the perfect place to house all of this music."


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