City Of Gainesville


  • This is the introductory track for the album, which is a sobering look at the realities of the band's hometown of Gainesville, Florida in particular but with a universal eye to the everyman living in every small city in the US. Drummer/lyricist Vinnie Fiorello explained to Hear/Say magazine: "The album's like a bird's eye view into a small town, which lyrically speaking is focusing on Gainesville. But you can think of any sort of small town and all the topics that come with it, like wanting to work at job you want to instead of being forced into something you hate. It's coming to grips with who you are and accepting your flaws, even those things people may not appreciate or may not be the norm in society. It's something every student faces at graduation or going from adolescence to adulthood. Even though you may loose hope in a situation, it's never hopeless."
  • The album title GNV FLA is itself an abbreviation of the band's hometown of Gainesville, Florida. GNV is the airport code.


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