Album: Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (2019)


  • "Maybe" finds Lewis Capaldi stuck in a rut of ruining any romantic relationship he gets involved in. His frustration has caused him to question whether he's better off as a single man.

    Somebody to lean on, somebody to hold
    It's just another to lead, though, before I let go
    And I ain't trying to be lonely, solely
    But everything I touch turns to stone
    Maybe you're better off on my own
  • Capaldi explained in a video track-by track: "'Maybe' is a song about myself and people I know who have always had kind of self-destructive tendencies when things aren't going well, whether it'd be in a relationship or work, and it always seems to be you who can mess up the most."
  • Capaldi wrote the song with Nick Atkinson and Edward Holloway, the same collaborators that penned his hit tune "Grace."


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