Sherbet Sunset

Album: Grey Area (2019)


  • "Sherbet Sunset" is a vulnerable track that finds Little Simz addressing a boyfriend who got another woman pregnant.

    You have no integrity, emotion or respect for me
    Clearly wasn't meant to be
    This all temporary
    This the clearest I've seen it, was bound to end eventually
    Still it hurts tremendously, can't bear the intensity

    Simz names and shames her lying lover.

    I ain't even mad at you, Chuck, I'm just mad at me
    Should've known better, mummy taught me better strategies
  • Simz was apprehensive that her rhymes were possibly too frank. She recalled to Q magazine:

    "I was like, 'Oh I'm really putting my business out there, I said this person's name, I said the situation.' I even had my best friend at the studio with me while I was writing it, and I remember her looking at me like, 'Oh, is this what we're doing?'. I was like, 'What, should we not?'"

    Simz wanted her best friend to confirm whether or not she should be so forthright on the song. But her friend told the rapper it was her choice. "It's just crazy because I'm quite an insular person and I don't really open up to people," Simz said, "so when I'm saying all this stuff it's like I'm freeing a different side of me."
  • Despite only reaching #87 on the UK albums chart, Grey Area was chosen as Best British Album at the NME Awards 2020. It also won the 2020 Ivor Novello award for Best Album.


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