Doin' It

Album: Mr. Smith (1995)
Charted: 15 9


  • This is one of LL Cool J's more overtly sexual songs. "That's one of my favorites, because what's better than doin' it? And the track pounds just like youʻre doing it," he said in Entertainment Weekly.

    Most hit songs about sex are shrouded in metaphor, but there's something to be said for simply stating your intentions. Lascivious R&B had gone mainstream: once Bell Biv Devoe cleared a path with "Do Me," there wasn't much that could shock radio programmers into not playing a song for concern that it was too suggestive. The #1 song of 1994 was "I'll Make Love To You," so LL was simply ratcheting up the lust factor to "Doin' It."
  • LeShaun, who performs the female vocals on this song, does not appear in the video. It is rumored that this was due to her being pregnant at the time, and that it caused a rift between her and LL Cool J. They have since recorded together on other songs. >>
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    Brian - Edmonton, Canada
  • The album title comes from LL's real name - James Todd Smith.
  • Coming up with a memorable and different hook line in a song about sex isn't easy to do, but LL found one here in "I represent Queens, she was raised out of Brooklyn." The lyric was the perfect combination of street slang and flow, and it was also authentic: LL's parents divorced when he was four, and he was raised by his grandparents in Queens, which he proudly called home.

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  • Kwondigy from Do Common KwonWhite fur white bikini bra
  • Dee from AustraliaI absolutely dislike this song immensely.
    Is there no such thing as censorship anymore?

    Should not be allowed to get airplay, in my opinion.
  • Charlie from Vas LegasChuck is incorrect. The song she recorded has no hook.
  • Chuck from Las Vegas, NvLeShaun actually recorded this song first. It had the same beat and hook as doin' it.
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