Set Me Free

Album: The Young Goldie (2010)


  • This is R&B singer Lloyd's first solo single since leaving The Inc Records and signing with Interscope. The track features southern rapper Mystikal, his first song since going to jail for sexual assault in January 2004. The MC addresses his incarceration on his rap towards the end of the record.
  • Both Lloyd and Mystikal were brought up in New Orleans and this song references their home city. Lloyd told MTV News: "The track has that 'second line'/brass band sound that you can only get back home in New Orleans. I never made a song that repped for my birth city, and when I wrote the record I had only one person in mind. I wanted to make it authentic, so I went back home during Marti Gras. Me and Mystikal got in the studio, and we knocked it out. The energy was crazy! And as you can see, he hasn't lost a step. Wild Wayne of Q93 [in] New Orleans and Greg Street of V103 [in] Atlanta help bring the collaboration together. It was a blessing to work with a legend that I've admired for years."
  • Lloyd told BBC DJ Tim Westwood on his 1Xtra show in London about the song. "It's got a bit of a literal meaning for both of us," Lloyd said of this collaboration with Mystikal. "For me, it's just the freedom of having a new label, a new home, a new outlook, a new year. For him, it's literally he's free, he's out of prison."


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