Album: Melodrama (2017)
  • A supercut, also known as a highlight reel, is a compilation of short video clips. Here, Lorde describes flashbacks to a former lover in terms of a viral video containing fond memories of their time together. However, she acknowledges that these happy images, which she keeps replaying in her head are just a supercut and the real relationship that they had wasn't quite so positive.

    In my head, I play a supercut of us
    All the magic we gave off
    All the love we had and lost
    And in my head
    The visions never stop
    These ribbons wrap me up
    But when I reach for you
    There's just a supercut
  • Speaking during an interview with The SpinOff Lorde explained how this song became a cathartic ode for the heartbreak she felt after breaking up with her longtime boyfriend:

    "I felt the way I used to feel when I made music as a kid and it felt like I could cry because it's such a relief to get out how you're feeling for the first time. I remember being like 'Oh my God'. It was such gratitude for the process. I was like, 'My outlet!'"


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