Album: Between Here & Lost (2013)
  • This is the debut single from the Brian "Head" Welch fronted Christian metal band Love and Death. Brian Welch told us the story of the song: "I just remember being kind of stuck in the studio," he recalled. "We got a couple parts here and there and I was leaving. I was talking to the producer and I just heard this [making music sounds]."

    "And it was just repetitive," Welch added. "So I went home and I was driving. And I was just kind of hearing it in my mind and I went home and I opened Garage Band on my laptop and just laid down the idea of the riff and brought it back. The next day, we had I think the full song or a half of it."

    "It's cool. They call it writer's block when you get in the studio and you can't write, and then all of a sudden something just bursts open."

    "And to me, that song could be about drug use or depression, the chemicals in your brain that cause depression."
  • Welch explained the album title to Legendary Rock Interviews: "The actual album concept is all about walking through difficulties and getting through them which seems to be what I'm good at in life. Our bass player came up with the name and I just thought it fit perfectly with so much of the lyrics and the overall idea."

    He added: "When I saw the artwork for the album, there were a couple different choices you know, but when I saw that picture it just made sense. It looked like desolate land and tied it all together, it all went well, the title, the band name, the packaging and everything."


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