Runaway Love

Album: Release Therapy (2006)
Charted: 2 21


  • This is an inspiring but sad song about girls living abusive, empty lives with emotionally absent parents. In this song Ludacris and Mary J. Blige talk about how everything will be better if they all run away together and leave behind painful memories. >>
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    katy - portland, OR

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  • Diana from Rialto, CaJohn, This song is speaking to some very real situations that are going on out there, I work with victims of trauma everyday and this is very real to a lot of kid out there. The song is not promoting running away but speaking on how many children who live in abusive homes or chaotic environments wish they could run away from the hell that they call home.
  • John from Louisville, Ky, KyThis song is deceitful and wrong. Ludacris conflates the emotional attitudes of his teenage audience with the innocence and helplessness of much younger children. A pregnant 11 year old? Yeah, that's happened a handful of times in recorded history. He is CLEARLY speaking to an older audience and in some backward way giving them license to rationalize their own irresponsible behavior by casting themselves as victims. It's an affront to the suffering of real victims of abuse, thinly veiled pandering to the gullable/misguided.
  • Lisa from York, PaThis song isn't promoting for those abused or neglected to run away, but to say these children feel there is no other way out for them but to runaway and to raise awareness for those in these type of situations and hopefully open the eyes of society to help those in need and not just throw them away.
  • Caity from Las Vegas, Nvthis song is so emotional and i can relate its just so inspiring that this singer would put other things aside to write and sing this song i love it!
  • Nikki from Grand-falls, Cathe first time i heard this song i started crying cuz in a way it relates to me, i never got abused or anything but my dad used to mess with my mind and it made my life a living hell and i always think of running away and this song kind of makes me fell like im not alone...
  • Nikki from Heights, Txi heard this song when i had actually ran away once and it was really emotional and i can relate 2 all of it except the pregnate part
  • Heather from Jacksonville, Flthis song is very emotional and it discribes the life i used to live the only part is my dad was around, i had and abusive stepmother, and i didnt get pregnate.
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