Home Alone Tonight

Album: Kill the Lights (2015)
Charted: 38
  • This sensual song is a duet with Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild. The pair sing about downing shots and texting pictures to their exes to stoke jealousy. When asked by Taste of Country where they found the heat such a song like this requires, Bryan replied: "Our job is to be recording artists. It's about getting in there and getting into character of the actual song."
  • This is the first male/female duet Bryan has recorded on any of his albums. Rather than splitting verses or harmonies, the pair hold a conversation during the song about texting selfies to their respective exes. The collaboration came about quickly, and each recorded their parts separately.
  • The song was written by Jody Stevens, Cole Taylor, Jaida Dreyer and Tommy Cecil. "From the time that song comes on, I was sold completely, and at that point it's up for me to find out well who is going to be the girl voice," said Bryan. "And after much deliberation and figuring it out we arrived at Karen, and I had thought about individual female artists and I wasn't thinking about a girl in a group, and finally I saw Karen one day and I'm like - yeah."

    "The light bulb went off, and I told her and sent her 'Home Alone Tonight' and she really loved the song," he continued.
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