Naked Eye

Album: Fever In Fever Out (1996)
Charted: 25 36


  • Luscious Jackson lead singer Jill Cunniff wrote this song. It seems to be about reaching a moment of clarity in a relationship, finally seeing it with the "naked eye," and not through a filter.
  • Luscious Jackson is an all-female alternative funk band that made four albums in the 1990s. "Naked Eye" was the most successful of the songs they produced. It's best remembered for its stylish video, in which all four members of the band (Jill Cunniff, Gabrielle Glaser, Kate Schellenbach and Vivian Trimble) portray the same character, a woman being escorted to a departing airplane by her boyfriend. Though the video looks like it takes place at an airport, it was actually filmed at the World Trade Center.
  • According to frontwoman Jill Cunniff, the video for this song was inspired by the Luis Buniel film That Obscure Object of Desire, which featured two actresses playing the same role. >>
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  • This was recorded at Daniel Lanois' Kingsway Studios in New Orleans, where the band lived while they were making the album. Lanois, known for his work with U2, also produced the track along with Jill Cunniff and Tony Mangurian.
  • "Naked Eye" was the only Hot 100 entry for Luscious Jackson, which was the first band signed to the Beastie Boys' label, Grand Royal (their drummer, Kate Schellenbach, was an early member of the Beastie Boys). Their band name is a play on Lucious Jackson, a basketball player who played for the Philadelphia 76ers in the '60s and '70s.

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  • Maq from On, CanadaThe boyfriend / handler is Max Perlich:
  • Monica from Las Vegas Who played the boyfriend?
  • Hugh from Kansas City, MoLuscious Jackson had acting roles when they appeared as the band at a school gymn dance in an episdoe of the Nickelodean series "Pete and Pete".
    That series is a treasure trove of great music and musician cameos (Iggy Pop even had a recurring role as Nona Mechlenberg's father).
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