Album: Catharsis (2018)
  • This dynamic offering from Catharsis finds Rob Flynn barking out a message of unity through disgust.

    We rise, we fall
    And then we come together and despise this all
    So get your middle fingers in the air and sing
    They can't ignore us anymore
  • Rob Flynn recalled the story of the song to Poland's Interia.pl: "We literally wrote that in the studio. Me and Dave [McClain, drums] were messing around. It just came super-fast. I ended up going in there and I freestyled a bunch of the lyrics and that whole intro section was the second time I ever sang the song. It just poured out of me. I was really excited."

    He continued: "I think when you go to capture a record, you go into the studio and sometimes it can be a little bit of a sterile environment. You want to capture lightning in a bottle, but it's hard, it's the hardest thing to do. Many bands don't do it. With ['Kaleidoscope'], we just f---ing captured it and it was crazy."
  • The song's music video was directed by Machine Head's longtime collaborator Mike Sloat, who previously helmed the band's clips for "Aesthetics Of Hate," "Locust" and "Now We Die," among others.
  • The song is about the power of music. Flynn told TeamRock: "I'm not a religious guy, but music is as close as I get. The line, 'Songs fill what religion won't' says it all."


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