Die From a Broken Heart

Album: One Heart to Another (2019)
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  • "Die From a Broken Heart" is a tender, pleading ballad in which a heartbroken daughter seeks wisdom from her mom.

    How does he sleep at night
    Mama, the nerve of this guy
    To leave me, so easy
    Am I gonna be alright?
    I wanna kick myself for fallin' so hard
    Mama, can you you from a broken heart?

    Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye wrote the song along with Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan two weeks after Tae broke up with longtime boyfriend Jackie Lee. Tae explained in press materials that she turned off her emotions as much as she could during the writing session "just to look at it from a logical and practical standpoint, just so that I wasn't a mess during writing it."
  • This was released as the second single from One Heart to Another. It was Maddie & Tae's way of introducing fans to the second phase of the album, which is a concept record about a relationship. Whereas the first single, "Friends Don't," is from the disc's first part, about new love, "Die From a Broken Heart" is from the album's heartbreak segment. The third phase is about redemption.
  • Maddie Marlow told Taste of Country that when she and Tae Dye sat down to write with Jonathan Singleton and Deric Ruttan they were hoping to hide the hurt they were feeling. However, when Singleton suggested the title "Die From a Broken Heart", it felt like fate.

    "Personally, I was like 'I feel that way right now," Maddie Marlow said. "That sounds like a phone conversation between me and my mom."

    "I felt like I was dying," Tae Dye added.

    "Sometimes," Marlow continued, "you're in so much pain and your heart hurts so bad that you just don't if you're going to come out of it. We just wanted to capture what that phone call's like."
  • Taylor Dye plays the lead actress in the heart-wrenching music video, which takes fans on a crushing journey through the demise of a young couple's relationship. All the while, Maddie Marlow narrates the ballad wearing a glamorous, red gown. The visual's powerful treatment was predominately written by Maddie & Tae; Carlos Ruiz (Jon Pardi's "Heartache on the Dance Floor," Lauren Alaina's "Doin' Fine") directed the clip.
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