Downside of Growing Up

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  • Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye had to quickly grow up when they moved to Nashville to pursue their dreams after finishing high school. They recount some of the lessons they learned on this number. During an acoustic show on July 28, 2015 in Fort Myers, Florida, Marlow introduced the song, saying, "Tae and I both moved up to Nashville at 17. It was about 14 hours away from home, so we had to grow up really fast. I'm sure all of us, on our journey, went through something like that at some point."

    "Rent was due, and I was like, 'Oh, crap.' And that's actually what inspired the song, knowing that the growing pains and everything we have to go through are okay," Marlow continued. "It's all good. We don't have to have it figured all out. That's something I really had to learn personally."
  • Maddie and Tae co-wrote all 11 of songs on Start Here, and spent a lot of time choosing the track order. "We wanted the album to feel like a story, to feel like you were listening to a story in a book," Marlow told The Boot. "So this is like the first book... and every song like a chapter."

    This is the closing track on the album. Marlow said it is, "kind of where we still are, mentally, today, where we're both 19 and 20, but when you're going through that time in your life, it's hard... That's kind of the last thing that we've learned in the past five years. It's a nice, cohesive story."
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