Dear Society

Album: Yet to be titled (2019)
  • "Dear Society" finds Madison Beer singing about social media and its adverse effects on her generation. The singer vents her frustration about the way it personally affects her.

    Diets that I shouldn't try, it feels like social suicide
    And honestly, it's cyanide, I'm bound to die
    Been 21 since 17, thanks to all the magazines
    Man, sometimes, I just wanna scream and break my screen

    Madison acknowledges her time spent looking at social media and magazines is not doing her any good. The pressure put on her by society to be perfect makes her want to smash up her phone.
  • Madison explained in a press release: "'Dear Society' is my letter to our culture expressing the pressure I feel from everyday life in today's world. I know this is such a common struggle for so many people in my generation and I want this song to be an anthem for my fans so they know they are not alone; we are all in this struggle together."
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