No Time to Lose

Album: Finding Foundations: Vol I (2017)
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  • Madison McFerrin, the daughter of Bobby McFerrin, released this song on her debut EP, Finding Foundations: Vol I. "You don't have time to lose wasting on people that don't deserve your time," she told Songfacts regarding its meaning. "I've experienced that a lot."

    McFerrin added, "'No Time to Lose' isn't written about anybody in particular because, at the moment, I am in a very loving, committed relationship. But it was definitely something I've experienced in the past many times. Not just in relationships, but former friends. 'I'm doing my own thing now, and I'm not going to waste my time on you.'"
  • McFerrin's best songs come to her quickly, which was the case here. "That was a song of that nature, where I came home from being outside and I wrote the chords on the piano," she said. "I remember I started it slow and then I thought, 'I don't think I can play this and sing at the same time,' so I put it on the loop pedal, and I wrote the whole thing in about an hour."


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