Give it 2 Me

Album: Hard Candy (2008)
Charted: 7 57
  • Madonna wrote this song with Pharrell Williams. She said of the track: "It's going to be a great song to do live. I can see the whole place jumping. It's the ultimate "Give me all you've got, don't try to stop me". And a great song to work out to."
  • This song spent one week at #57 on the Hot 100 on download sales before its official release, then dropped out of the chart. However upon its release to radio, few stations played it and the single failed to re-enter the Hot 100. Elsewhere the single did much better, especially in the Netherlands where it topped the charts for six week. Other countries where this song went to #1 include Bulgaria, Spain, Romania and South Africa.

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  • Micha from NetherlandsIt was a huge hit in the Netherlands! Was on number 1 for 6 weeks!! I've read it was already written early 80's for the first album 'Madonna' bit never used and restyled and then recorded for Hard Candy. Anyone know if this is true?
  • Leo from Westminster 1, MdGive It to Me-How a Chart Flop became a fan and concert favorite. Chart Setbacks are nothing new to Madonna but once Our Lady gets pumped up at the show, the place explodes with Joy and Love. Madonna is Stadium/Arena Rock at its best and no song encapsulates Madonna's way of life/method of work-than Give It to Me! Madonna is Dance/Rock Brilliance!
  • Kevin from Mobile, AlI think people just got tired of Madonna.
  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnThis song is too good, the beat and riff is delicious. How could this song not be a huge hit?
  • Liv from New York, NyI was irritated that this song didn't get any radio play, It's so infectious. The US radio stations really need to get their s--t together, because they literally play the same ten songs over and over again, It's ludicrous. We really do suffer from "ageism", If Madonna was 25 this song would've been a number one hit and played nonstop on mainstream radio, It's incredibly sad that we discriminate.
  • Jose from Guadalajara, --Full of energy. I like the line "don't stop me now, don't need to catch my breath, I can go on and on and on". And the mix made by Paul Oakenfold is amazing too!
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