Album: In The Wind (2017)


  • With upbeat, communal songs, Magic Giant is a very popular festival band. This song they worked out on the road, honing it at many of these festivals. They had the chorus, but the verse lyrics were mutable as they figured out what the song was about.

    In a Songfacts interview with the band's frontman, Austin Bisnow, he explained: "It was untitled and we were playing it around and we played it at this one festival in California, and after we played it, a girl came up to us and said that her friend passed away when she was 15, and when we were playing that song, she felt the presence of her friend with her. So, for the rest of the summer, while we were writing it, it became about her friend."
  • This is the first song on In The Wind, Magic Giant's debut album. Bisnow said: "When we were recording in Atlanta, up until the final days of the recording process, we were rewriting songs and lyrics. We had them out, almost like a book of poetry. We had every song out just to see, Do they make sense? Can they be better? The message we internally need to talk about, is that connecting? Because it's not like people need to understand every aspect of a song, but it needs to make sense to us. And if it makes sense to us, it will make sense to the world."


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