Have It All

Album: Primary Colours (2016)


  • This is the opening track of Magic!'s second album, Primary Colours. Frontman Nasri Atweh told iHeartRadio the story of the song:

    "I remember I went for a run. I started humming. I was like, 'What is that? That sounds cool.' I came by the studio and I was humming this melody. What is this melody? Adam Messenger was there who produced our album and writes with us and stuff, and he was like, 'I kind of like that.'

    It just hit me. Nobody knows what's going to happen. We all could keep predicting things and saying, 'I'm going to love you forever and this is that' but we don't know. This concept in my head was that it's a mystery, or destiny. Like a caveman and technology. A caveman would never have known that you'd have an iPhone one day. You know what I'm saying? I think you just have to go through it.

    'Have It All' ended up being this really groovy song with a sophisticated, open concept about letting go and just being who you are. One day you'll have it all if the love still remains between two people."


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