Primary Colours

Album: Primary Colours (2016)


  • The title track of Magic!'s second album, "Primary Colours" refers not only to frontman Nasri Atweh's need to start over in his personal life but also to making the record. "We were getting really complicated in the studio," he said. "And I said, 'Guys, we need to simplify. Our fans are going to be confused. Let's start with a hook and then build on top of that.'"

    "So we were able to strip everything back to its primary colors and then add layers of musicality," Nasri continued. "And I had to get in touch with myself and enjoy making pop music again. Luckily the guys can make simple ideas sound soulful and musical."
  • Nasri explained the song's meaning to iHeartRadio:

    "It's about being in a relationship and you forget that when you get together [that] you're supposed to just be harmonic together. You don't always have to push and push and push. Sometimes you just have to accept me for where I am right now, or be with who you loved from the beginning. Yeah, we're always changing, but certain things don't change.

    A lot of things don't change. Your taste in food doesn't change. Not drastically. People lose that in relationships, and they get complicated and overly-complicated, and you forget that there's the simple jokes that she always loved. She still likes to hold your hand, and still likes to simply be loved by you. That's what that song is about. It says 'Your fuchsia is confusion, and your teal is unclear, and your aqua is a hard one to read. All these weird colors. Could we just go back to the blue, yellow, and red and then re-blend together who we are now?'"


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