People Give In

Album: Resistance Is Futile (2018)


  • Manics bassist Nicky Wire considers this to be one of the "most open lyrics" he's ever written. Rather than rallying against the Brexit Referendum or Donald Trump or other issues-de-jour, it finds him reflecting on getting through ordinary everyday life.

    People get happy
    People get lost
    People cave inwards
    People lose trust

    Wire explained: "I wouldn't exactly call it a rallying cry, it's more about the idea that at least 80% of life is just really mundane so why don't we all just lower our expectations and try to get to the other side as painlessly as possible. We're all looking for universal panaceas all the time – if we expected a little less, we'd probably be happier."
  • When Nicky Wire passed the lyric onto James Dean Braffield, the Manics vocalist was surprised "at how touchy-feely it was." He came up with a riff, when he was alone at home, which he describes as "kind of fragile and hanging in the air a bit, then the chords toughens up a bit."
  • The video features footage from some of The Manics 2018 concert dates which included touring UK, playing Robert Smith's Meltdown Festival and supporting Guns N' Roses in Europe.


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